Uttaradit is one of the northern provinces of Thailand. The province is located in the valley of the Nan River and about 45 kilometers north of the city Uttaradit is the Queen Sirikit Dam. Its neighboring provinces are Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Phrae and Nan and it borders Xaignabouli of Laos to the east. It covers 7,838 sq km and is divided into 9 districts and 67 sub-districts

This province consists of natural scenic beauties like national parks, waterfalls, high mountains, tropical evergreen forests and has been attracting tourists for many years. It is also famous for varieties of fruits like durian and langsat, teak trees & woven materials. The major festivals of this province include Tradition of Buddha Cremation, Langsat festival and Durian festival. Langsat-growing has been the main occupation and source of income for the local people.

List of districts & experimental sites

The ongoing SRI-LMB experimental sites in the selected districts of Uttaradit province are listed below:

  • Fak Tha - Ban Siao
  • Nam Pat - Namkrai
  • Thong Saen Khan - Bo Thong



Provincial Staff

Ms. Suphaporn Bunma
Local Management Unit Coordinator
Uttaradit Vocational Training and Development center for Thai people along the border areas
Email: pin-bm@hotmail.co.th
Off: 055-496005; Mob: 082-1617241