Bac Giang is a province of Vietnam located in the Northeast region of the country, being situated 50 kilometers to the east of Hanoi. The province covers an area of 3827.45 square kilometers with 32.4% of the land used for agriculture, while 28.9% used for forestry and industry. The current population of this province is 1.558 million (2012).

The province has the dominant characteristics of the tropical, temperate climate zone of the Northern Plain. The climate in the province has been discerned in two distinct seasons - the hot, rainy season from and the cold, dry season. The province’s land area is primarily dedicated to agriculture and forestry. The province is also known as a producer of fruit like pineapples and lychees. The farmland in the province is good for intensive farming of rice, vegetable, and fruit crops and bulb trees. Several economic farming models were introduced, which resulted in Rural Economic Development and opened doors for social consumer retail sales & services, textiles and garments.

List of districts & experimental sites

The ongoing SRI-LMB experimental sites in the selected districts of Bac Giang province are listed below:
  • Lang Giang
  • Luc Nam
  • Yen The



Provincial Staff

Ms. Do Thi Luyen
Local Management Unit Coordinator
Bac Giang Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD)
Bac Giang, Vietnam
Phone:(84) 985365527