Ha Tinh is a province on the North Central Coast of Vietnam. It is located in the northern part of central Vietnam, about 340 km south of Hanoi, facing Nghệ province to the north, Quảng Bình Province to the south, Laos to the west, and the Eastern Sea to the east. Its total area is 6,055.6 square kilometers. The province consists of a provincial capital and a town named Hong Linh with 10 districts.

It is considered one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam due to harsh natural conditions with severe coldness in winter and extreme heat in summer, floods and storms every autumn and unfavorable soil and natural resources. Agriculture, forestry and fishery take up 35.5 percent of total GDP.

List of districts & experimental sites

The ongoing SRI-LMB experimental sites in the selected districts of Ha Tinh province are listed below:
  • Can Loc
  • Loc Ha
  • Thac Ha



Provincial Staff

Mr. Nguyen Tong Phong
Local Management Unit Coordinator
Ha Tinh Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD), Ha Tinh, Vietnam
Email: nguyentongphong@gmail.com
Phone: (84) 988277030