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  • Regional Review & Planning Workshop, Siem Reap (2-3 June 2015) - TVK Cambodia News
  • National Review & Planning Workshop, Phnom Penh (28- 29 May 2015) - TVK Cambodia News
  • 2012 (June 24). System of Rice Intensification. 45:01 min, veasna nida channel, YouTube.
    [Khmer language video about SRI in Cambodia. CEDAC is featured]
  • 2011 (August 16). System of Rice Intensification in Cambodia. 6:11 min. Produced by Oxfam America. Cambodianmediagroup channel, YouTube.
    [English language video by Oxfam America and its partners explaining the principles and benefits of SRI as practiced in Cambodia, including the use of organic inputs, affordability by small holder farmers, and increased yields, and featuring farmer testimonials.]
  • 2010 (January 9). SRI Farming in Cambodia. 10 min. Produced by Hermit Cave Films. Permascience channel, YouTube.
    [A Khmer language (with English subtitles) instructional video guiding viewers through each step of SRI production in Cambodia, from seed-soaking to harvest. This is a shortened version of the video originally created by Mind's Eye Productions for CEDAC, The Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture. The longer version Of SRI Farming in Cambodia (on YouTube since Dec. 12, 2009) is available in 5 parts: (Part 1: 5:47 min; Part 2: 6:54 min; Part 3: 8:48 min; Part 4: 6:32 min; Part 5: 8:07 min.).]
  • System of Rice Intensification. 45:00 min. Produced by CEDAC. The Water Channel website.
    [A Khmer language instructional video by the Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC) explaining and demonstrating the steps of SRI production in Cambodia and featuring farmer testimonials.]
  • 2008 (November 6). Systéme de Riziculture Intensive — Cambodge: Le Riz du L'espoir. 15:13 min. Produced by Corinne Lalo. Tefy Saina website.
    [French language video illustrating the benefits, steps and equipment of SRI as practiced in Cambodia, featuring farmer testimonials and a comparison of traditional and SRI rice production. Also available in Vietnamese (14:59 min.).]



  • 2018 (March 29-30). National Workshop and Farmer Congress, Uttaradit, Thailand
  • 2016 (December 16). Thai farmers experience on SRI. 4:01 min. SRI LMB channel, Youtube.
  • 2011 (July 4). Duck Rice Farming. 0:40 min. Supersup300 channel, YouTube.
    [Video of ducks being used to weed an SRI field in Thailand.]
  • 2011 (June 17). Rotary Weeder. 0:34 min. Supersup300 channel, YouTube.
    [Thai language video demonstrating use of a single-row, manual rotary weeder in an SRI field.]
  • 2007 (March 14). Living Labs: Mekong River Basin. 5:02 min. Produced by TVE Asia Pacific. TVEAPfilm channel, YouTube.
    [English language video explaining the efforts of the Asian Institute of Technology and Thai Education Foundation – a small grant project under CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food -  to teach and spread SRI via weekly Farmer Field Schools and promote SRI as a response to Thailand’s increasing water shortage.  Also features farmer testimonials.]